I have over 30 years of experience in restoring antique and vintage furniture. I studied for 3 years at Manchester School of Furniture.

I am an experienced cabinet maker and can replace damaged parts, including copying carvings and turned pieces and repairing joints. I can replace missing or damaged veneers. I specialise in finishes including french polishing, and can blend new finishes to match the original. Cup rings, water damage and woodworm are common and can all be dealt with. I will do reupholstery  as part of a larger restoration project.

​I can come to see you and your furniture and provide a free assessment and quote.  Or, you can send me photos and I may be able to give a provisional quote that way.

​The examples on this page show some restoration stories - click on the images to see the before and after pictures, and to find out about some of the processes involved in restoring each item.